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Aabhar Patra

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Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, with laser-cut leaf designs on each of its sides. It comes with a jute bag containing multi-coloured handmade flowers.
Concept: Aabhar’ means gratitude and ‘Paatra’ means vessel. Aabhar Paatra is a medium for us to go deep within ourselves and experience gratitude in its purest form. It helps us to acknowledge all the ‘gifts of life’, feel grateful and express gratitude for them. You will be Experiencing a highly positive ‘Feel’ like gratitude releases a host of ‘pleasant’ chemicals in your body like serotonin and oxytocin – that have amazing healing effects.
How to use: Bring your focus on all the good things and happenings in your life. • For each of these, take a flower in your palm and feel genuinely thankful. Gently place the flower in the Aabhar Paatra, with utmost love and gratitude. All family members can take out some time daily to feel and express gratitude.