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All Natural Citrus Mist Air Freshener

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All Natural Citrus Mist Air Freshener

A subtle uplifting natural fragrance which enhances the spirit of your home.



Air Fresheners and Room Sprays are a common commercial product used in many houses and offices to create a  pleasant smelling and clean indoor atmosphere. Many common chemicals found in air fresheners have been found to be toxic to humans and may increase the incidence of many different health problems. Natural Air Freshener Sprays are now being used as alternatives to conventional air fresheners in order to minimize health and environmental pollution.

Most commercial air fresheners and aerosols contain unfamiliar chemicals and organic volatile compounds that linger in the air long after the initial mist dissipates. They also contain high levels of phthalates that are know to be harmful to children. The chemicals emitted from commercial air fresheners and other toxic household cleaners tend to accumulate over time in the fatty tissues of the body.This can have serious negative effects on your health and well being

Our Natural Air Freshner Spray, Citrus Mist is formulated without any harmful chemicals and contains an uplifting fresh blend of patchouli, cinnamon, and orange essential oils.

(100 ml spray bottle)


In an increasingly polluted urban environment, where our water, air and food are contaminated, keeping healthy has become something of a challenge. Our exploding urban population is starting to show signs of the damage being done by rapidly changing lifestyles, poor diet and lack of exercise. When the food we eat is polluted, we carry that pollution in our bodies; some of it remains there, accumulates and eventually causes diseases. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are on the rise.

Our children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of agricultural toxins as they consume a higher percentage in relation to their size. The average child receives four times more exposure to at least eight widely used cancer causing pesticides found in food than the average adult does.

“A growing body of research shows that pesticides and other contaminants are more prevalent in the foods we eat, in our bodies, and in the environment than we thought. And studies show that by eating organic foods, you can reduce your exposure to the potential health risks associated with those chemicals.” Consumer Reports (Feb. 2006)