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Cell Phone Basket

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Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, 6 phone can stores at a time.

Concept & Use: Let the mobile rest, you recharge! This Cell Phone Basket is made to make your life easier! It is a humble product with a great intention that promises connection with self and loved ones. This basket is specially designed to store your phones, keep them stable and safe and prevent them from tumbling over.
Deposit your phones daily for a few hours in this basket and choose to spend your time differently! Spend some time with your family, have “in person” conversations with your loved ones, read a book or simply close your eyes and share a moment with yourself!
It brings you back to the simple and meaningful things in life- verbal communication, playing board games, reading books, meditation, etc… This Handmade Cell phone Basket keeps you in relaxation mode.