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White Light Elements


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Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, Hand painted multicolour. it comes complete with a chalk-holder and a set of colourful chalks.
Concept: If we observe, we rarely express thankfulness, forgiveness, appreciation, prayers or love towards others. This Chalkboard is a channel to keep the communication alive. The board can be placed or hung at a convenient place where all members of the family or colleagues at work can express themselves freely. Importantly, it ensures that we remain only in positive feels and modes while expressing ourselves. It is a medium that directs our thoughts towards the good things, before they’re expressed as words.
How to use: Put up the Chalkboard at a place where it is convenient to write on whenever you see it, think of a reason to express your sincerest feeling out of the following – thanking, forgiving, appreciating, praying or loving (the board humbly reminds you about these too…!) Pick up a chalk, and express yourself! You’re sure to smile while doing this ;). Let your ‘expression’ be there, visible to everyone around at home/work.