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Chilli Tango Baked Matthi- Tangy and Super Spicy Munchies

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You think you can handle spice? We dare you to try our Chilli Tango – Baked Matthi in a hot new Avtaar. Either you will be in love (and yes, Chilli is an aphrodisiac!) or you’ll be left reaching out for a fire extinguisher. These munchies have a tangy-bite, suffused with the earthy sweetness of fennel – followed by the fire in your mouth called Teja Chilli.


Wholewheat flour, Fine ground flour, unsalted butter, water, yoghurt, Raw sugar cane, Tamarind, Fennel, Red chilli, Sunflower Oil, Jaggery, Dessicated coconut, salt, Anardaana, Cassia, Amchur, Baking Powder, Corriander Seeds, Bay leaf, Turmeric, Cumin, Star anise, Ginger Powder, Black pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon.