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White Light Elements

Cho-Ku-Rei Board

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Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood with inscribed Cho Ku Rei symbol - the most powerful of all Reiki symbols.
Concept: Cho Ku Rei means 'Placing all the powers of the Universe here'. It gives you an instant energy. Cho Ku Rei board gives a new meaning to the art of writing- you can carry your personal space everywhere you go and enjoy writing whenever and wherever you wish to! Expressing yourself through writing takes you to a stage of self-realization and helps you to know and understand yourself well.
The symbol can be used for clearing negative energies, healing your body and protecting yourself and your family. Whenever the Cho Ku Rei symbol is drawn or visualized, it concentrates Divine energy on the required purpose and intention.
How to Use: Unscrew the wooden bolt, put a few sheets of paper and tighten the bolt again so that the sheets are held firmly. Before penning down your thoughts, place your finger on the Cho Ku Rei symbol. Briefly close your eyes and run your finger along the symbol, imagine drawing the symbol yourself. This will help you synchronize yourself with the process. Start writing what you want to with a pure intention. Something that you are grateful for, an affirmation, write about your day, or simply a “To Do” list.