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White Light Elements

Delightful Birds

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Manufactured: set of 3 birds Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood, burlap string.

Concept: White Light Elements introduces a brand new greetings in the dictionary of greetings ‘Wishing you Happiness’. A greeting that promises to spread smiles, warmth and lots of love.

Description: Delightful birds, comes in a cage, is a set of 3 birds made from naturally seasoned teak wood perched on a burlap string with a wooden droplet on the bottom that says “I Wish you Happiness”. Pull this string out of the cage and have a beautiful bird hanging that promises to spread joy!

How to use: Every time you meet somebody, let the first thought be “I wish you happiness” and you will instantly feel the change in the vibes between the other person and you. This flight of birds wishes you happiness at all times and asks you to practice the same.