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White Light Elements

Dream Wheel Glass

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Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood base along with Glass, cylindrical shaped, The top side has the knob is designed in a way which makes it comfortable and suitable for spinning.
Concept: The Dream Wheel asks you to stop for a moment, take a tiny pause, recognize your dreams & thoughts and use the incredible tool of visualization to draw positivity and design and execute your life the way you see it. It proposes the power of manifesting a dream/thought by visualizing, emotionalizing, energizing and actualizing.
How to use: Note down your dream/thought on a piece of paper and fold it neatly. Put this folded piece of paper in the Dream Wheel and Energize it (spin it gently with full awareness and mindfulness). While you spin the wheel, visualize your dream, feel it and live it! Close your eyes while you do so, take a deep breath and believe in the fulfilment of your dreams. Just believe that it will be and feel the difference over time.