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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Edible) 200ml

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Extracted from non-GMO sustainably farmed fresh coconut flesh our extra virgin edible coconut oil is good for vegan, ketogenic, gluten free diet. It can be consumed both in internal and external form and is an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides and Lauric acid. Also this oil is traditionally cold pressed without the use of chemicals and additives making it pure and light weight. It is ideal for mother and baby massage as well. Coconut oil can be used in number of ways like:

It is suitable for baking and cooking for up to 350 degrees.
It acts as a natural moisturizer, eye makeup remover and emollient for dry skin.
DIY Scrub: Combine with brown sugar to create your own scrub.
When mixed with aloe vera gel and mash avocado it is a good conditioning mask for dry hair. Just mix together all the three ingredients and apply on hair. Wash after 30 mins.
Oral health: Swish 1 tbsp in mouth for 20 mins daily after brush for healthy gums and teeth."


Cocos Nucifera ( Milk ) Oil


24 months from manufacturing date. 6 months after opening.


Both for internal and external use