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Himalayan Origins - Face Serum Gifting Box

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Himalayan Origins Face Serums Gifting box includes a box of 3 Face Serums: Himalayan Dew Drops, Himalayan Radiance Drops and Himalayan Lustre Drops. These are the three face serum samplers of 10ML each.

Dew Drops Serum: The all organic Himalayan Lustre Drops can reverse sun damage, reduce wrinkles and promote collagen production The Himalayan Dew Drops have the power of skin healing sandalwood and skin brightening licorice, which make this serum beneficial in reducing pigmentation, acne scars and giving the skin an even, clear tone. Promotes glowing skin by penetrating deep into the skin layers and nourishing from within. 

Radiance Drops Serum: Radiance Drops Serum will nourish the skin from within to reveal glowing skin. The power of Manjistha packed with the goodness of fresh Hibiscus acts together to give clear, blemish free skin. Hibiscus promotes collagen production to increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, while Rosehip oil helps delay signs of ageing. 

Lustre Drops Serum: Loaded with the goodness of Hazelnut oil which is naturally rich in tannins, saffron which promotes a healthy complexion and glow, the Lustre Drops Serum is well suited to mature skin and will help your skin age gracefully.

All Ingredients

Apply one or two drops to freshly washed face and massage well into the skin. Use underneath your moisturizer or in place of it. Apply daily for visible results