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Greek Oregano (Mature and full leaf)

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"Popular worldwide, Oregano is peppery & pungent in taste. Greek Oregano is most famed for most authentic flavour and aroma. Jugmug’s Greek Oregano is cultivated in high altitude district of Kumaon and the leaves are plucked at maturity (just before the plant is to flower) – ensuring that the leaves are bursting with flavour! The white hairy stems of the leaves are unique to Greek Oregano and are sign of maturity in the leaves. Oregano is used to add a wonderful heat and nice flavour to a wide variety of foods. It is a vital component of traditional southern Italian cuisine and is used with grilled, fried or roasted vegetables as well as meat and fish. Full leaf Greek Oregano from Jugmug Thela helps you make better more flavourful seasoning for your sauces. It can be crushed and garnished over popular items such as Pizza and breads. Features and Benefits: Mature full of flavour oregano plucked just before flowering.
Full leaf with hairy stems – sign of authenticity.
Perfect for Sauces, Grills and Kebabs!
Oregano has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antimicrobial as well."