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Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice

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Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice

A highly nutritious rice with a crunchy texture and an interesting flavour.



In Asia, rice has been, and still is, a main source of nutrition. Rice has been cultivated in India and China since ancient times.

Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice is a special variety of rice, that ranges in colour from pink to dark red. Very flavourful with a rich nutty texture, it derives its colour from anthocyanins. Rich in fiber, red rice is a good source of B Vitamins as well as iron, zinc and folic acid antioxidants making it a good choice for everyday meals.

It is rich in Thiamine, or vitamin B1, which is contained in the outer husk and coating of the rice kernel. When technology for polishing rice became available, people took to eating highly polished white rice stripped of its germ layer which made it look good but was definitely not better for one’s health. Brown/Red rice is old fashioned rice which is de-husked but still has its inner layer intact. The red bran layer contains 95% of the minerals and dietary fiber of the whole rice all the iron, protein and B vitamins are present.

Brown/Red unpolished rice has more nutritional value than white rice and can help insulin dependent diabetes patients to normalise blood sugar levels.

We use a low-energy rubber de-sheller, specially developed for us to produce brown/red rice without exerting high pressure, speed or temperature.

The de-sheller is solely operated by young village ladies

Un-adulterated foods have formed the basis of our human diet through the ages.Chemical farming inputs and “factory farming” became popular in the middle of the last century as a way to maximize crop yields. Today, our world pays a large price for these practices, which have resulted in environmental and economic imbalances. What happens to the health of the animals, plants, micro-organisms, soil, oceans, and atmosphere, also affects human beings. There is no one who is immune to the effects of an unhealthy environment, no matter how much technology or wealth they may possess.


Grown in the high valleys of the Kumaon Himalaya, this rice is an old variety that grows best under extreme weather conditions in rain fed areas.
It is a highly nutritious rice with a crunchy texture and an interesting flavour.
It is naturally grown without any chemicals.



(net weight: 500 gram, packed in a golden resealable pouch)