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Himalayan Lemon Grass

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"Lemongrass is not just full of refreshing lemon & lemon mint flavour, but it’s also rich with many health benefits. Primarily a culinary hub widely used in South Asian cooking, especially Thai Food – it’s also popularly used in Indian Masala Chai, or simply steeped in water and enjoyed like an infusion. Lemongrass is very fragrant, with an aroma that adds its own hint of flavour to dishes in which it is used. The flavour itself is light and adds a slightly sharp and tangy taste without the bitterness of lemon. Commonly used in soups, teas and curries, lemongrass is most commonly used in dried form. Lemongrass pairs wonderfully with vegetables, seafood, fish and poultry ~ in fact, it adds a lovely citrus flavour that is light and aromatic when used in almost any dish. Lemongrass contains a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy functioning of the human body. Its health benefits and medicinal uses of lemongrass are vast and far-reaching. Some popularly accepted properties and uses of lemongrass include: Antioxidant, anti-fungal and antimicrobial qualities
Contains antioxidants that boost the immune system
Diuretic effect helps to cleanse body and flush out toxins
Supports digestive health, stimulates bowel function & improves digestion
Has mild sedative properties and is helpful as sleep aid"


Lemon grass