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Mangal Maitri Chant Wheel

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Concept: The Mangal Maitri Chant is a prayer that gives an intention to your being, an intention of progress, well-being and healing; An intention to spread happiness within and all around; An intention to cure the planet through the affirmative and powerful vibrations of the words…This prayer collapses the negativity around into a beautiful river of positivity that will most definitely flow across the entire earth and make a difference by balancing the energy and putting an end to all anguishes and sufferings. This product helps you spread healing vibrations within and around… It helps you make this world a positive and happier place for all beings… It takes your mind to a calmer and more relaxed state. The Mangal Maitri Chant Wheel is a deep and meaningful product that is designed using the concept of the Mangal Maitri Chant which is a healing & happiness prayer. This Prayer Wheel consists of a beautiful stick with a rotating top. The top has the Mangal Maitri Chant, a deep healing and wellness prayer engraved on the outer surface; as well as written on a paper, rolled and inserted on the inside surface to double the impact of the striking words that make up the prayer.
How to use: Rotate this prayer wheel and chant the prayer or repeat the line (Aloud or in thoughts), "Mera Mangal, Tera Mangal, Sabka Mangal Hoy Re" or "May I be happy, may you be happy, May all beings be happy". Do this frequently, every day and at any time with mindfulness in a way to solidify peace, prosperity, happiness and wellness within and around you.