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Panty Liners

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Ultra-thin and super-soft, Pantyliners are perfect for everyday protection or as backup for your menstrual cup or tampon. They make sure your panties look like brand new even after months of use! These are breathable and made using 100% super soft cotton which makes them reusable. Also, you wash them just like you wash your panties.

Here are 5 great reasons to use pantylines
To save your panties from bleaching
Vaginal discharge is mildly acidic. It sometimes causes bleaching on your panties. If the panties are of dark color, the bleached spots are not a pretty sight! Your pantylines act as a protection for your panties from getting bleached.

As backup while using cup
Most cup users end up using a pantyliner as well. The pantyliner provides you peace of mind, just in case!

For excessive white discharge
On some of your cycle days, you may experience excessive white discharge. While it’s completely normal, it does lead to wetness and sometimes, spotting on your panties. Pantyliner provides perfect daily protection from discharge.

To catch surprise periods
Now, pantylines are certainly not a replacement for pads, but if you start using them, you will always have a buffer.

To protect against bladder leaks
Again, pantyliners are not for incontinence, but they will do the job for those “sneeze and pee” / “cough and pee” moments.

Caring for your Sugam Pantyliner is easy
Just wash them like you wash your panties. They are made using 100% cotton and hence will shrink a little during first wash. Never use hot water and never use a brush on your pantyliner.

Before First Use
Your Sugam Pantyliners are made using 100% cotton. Soak them overnight, just like you would any pure cotton garment or towel. This makes them soft and more comfortable on your skin.

While they both look almost alike, they have a very different purpose, usage and care.
For use on non-period days
Pantyliners are very thin and are less absorbent
Pantyliners are to be washed with your regular machine load

For use during periods
Pads have more layers and absorb more
Pads are advised to be washed separately



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