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Peri Peri Seasoning

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A lip-smacking seasoning that livens up everything. Flavour everything, from chicken to french fries. Invented by the Portuguese in South Africa, the name Peri Peri means “pepper pepper” – and is used to bring a warm, citrusy heat to various dishes. It’s popularly used as a marinade (mixed with oil & water) for grilling; or mixed in the breadcrumbs for deep frying cutlets or prawns or paneer. You can notch up your mayo/dip game with it too!


CONTAINS ADDED MONOSODIUM GLUCAMATE; NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS BELOW 12 MONTHS., CONTAINS ADDED NATURAL & NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES., Sugar, Iodised Salt, Chilli Powder (16%), Flavour Enhancer (E621), Stabiliser [E451(i)], Acidity Regulator (E330), Garlic Powder, Edible Evegtable Oil (Sunflower).